The Center for Vehicles of Croatia (CVH) has been a trusted name in vehicle inspections and testing in Croatia for over 50 years.

Throughout its long history, CVH has been dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of technical inspections, testing, and homologation of vehicles in the country. But CVH's contributions to the industry go far beyond its primary business activity.

Through investment in technological development, corporate social responsibility, employee training, and collaboration with leading institutions, CVH has positively impacted the safety of traffic participants, environmental protection, energy savings, and human health. As part of the vehicle inspection system, which today employs more than 1600 professionals at 159 locations across Croatia, CVH actively participates in the development of national, European, and international standards of prominent Croatian and world organizations and partners.

CVH takes great pride in its accomplishments and the positive impact it has had on society. And yet, the team at CVH remains committed to continued progress and innovation. Their goal is to make the whole society an even better and safer place for future generations.

To that end, CVH has united forces with 4ACTIVE SYSTEMS and ADRIA TEST to create the first all-in-one automotive testing center in Croatia - CVH testing center which offers a comprehensive range of testing services and support from experienced engineers. It includes a test track that meets the highest standards, as well as the latest testing equipment and technology.

The CVH testing center is designed to give support to international automotive manufacturers and suppliers through the development process. It's an ideal location for OEM car manufacturers and developers of ADAS and AD systems to test and validate their products in a controlled and safe environment. Clients can combine services and take advantage of the all-in-one ADAS and AD testing package, which includes a test track, testing equipment, and knowledge from top engineers with many years of experience in technical inspections of vehicles and ADAS/AD systems.

The CVH testing center is located next to the capital of Croatia, only 25 minutes from the center of Zagreb. It's the perfect location for automotive manufacturers and suppliers looking to take advantage of world-class testing services and expertise. At the same time, it's a testament to the CVH's commitment to innovation, progress, and collaboration. With the creation of the CVH testing center, CVH has cemented its position as a leader in the industry and a valuable partner to any company looking to develop, test, and validate their automotive products.