Our mission is to ensure the highest level of safety for all road users through innovative testing solutions that comply with international standards.

That's why we work alongside with industry leaders, 4activeSystems and ADRIA TEST, who share our commitment to safety and excellence. Through our partnership with 4activeSystems, we are able to provide highly automated robotic platforms for future ADAS and Autonomous Driving (AD) testing that are fully compliant with Euro NCAP VRU and the associated ISO-standards. Our collaboration with Adria test brings on-site services and test equipment, allowing us to provide our clients with a comprehensive testing solution. At CVH TESTING CENTER, we understand that safety is paramount, and we strive to deliver the best possible testing services to our clients. Our partnership with 4activeSystems and ADRIA TEST ensures that we are always at the forefront of the latest testing technologies, providing our clients with the most advanced and reliable testing solutions available.


We are proud to collaborate with 4active Systems, a leading provider of cutting-edge testing equipment. With their innovative solutions and commitment to excellence, 4active Systems is a valued partner that helps us deliver exceptional testing services to our clients.

With a focus on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) technologies, 4active Systems offers state-of-the-art equipment that enables accurate and reliable testing on our specialized test track. Their expertise in developing high-quality testing solutions perfectly complements our commitment to meeting our customers' unique testing requirements.Partnering with 4active Systems allows us to offer our clients access to top-of-the-line testing equipment, ensuring precise evaluations of vehicle prototypes, sensor performance, and safety features.


Adria Test is a dynamic and proactive company specializing in client engagement and marketing initiatives. Adria Test plays a vital role in establishing initial connections with our valued clients, ensuring a seamless experience from the very beginning.

Adria Test's expertise in proactive marketing activities ensures that we reach the right audience and effectively communicate the unique benefits of our testing services. Their dedication to client engagement sets the foundation for successful collaborations and helps us understand and meet our clients' specific testing requirements.In addition to their marketing prowess, Adria Test also provides on-site services, leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience to support our clients throughout their testing journey. Their commitment to delivering exceptional customer service ensures that our clients receive prompt assistance and expert guidance whenever they need it.