We have teamed up with 4activeSystems, market leader in advanced testing technologies for active vehicle safety, to ensure our clients the highest standard of test equipment rentable anytime!

4activeSystems provides innovative solutions to reduce road fatalities and ensure safety and compliance with the highest international standards around the globe. 4activeSystems is focused on open and standardized interfaces to provide a seamless connectivity to many different development tools. We offer highly automated robotic platforms for future ADAS and Autonomous Driving (AD) testing that are fully compliant to Euro NCAP VRU and the associated ISO-standards. In addition to our precise dynamic Swarm-trajectories, our advanced testing technologies enable live monitoring, auto-reporting, open interfaces (OTX) and extensive connectivity (Mesh).

4activeSystems is also a reliable partner for lots of vehicle manufacturers, test laboratories and automotive suppliers worldwide.

Robotic platforms

Autonomous platforms with speeds up to 100 kph to replicate repeatable actions and behaviour on the road.

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Driving robots

Driving robots are installed in any vehicle to deliver repeatable and precise control of the vehicle what human drivers can not perform anymore.

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Test dummies

These dummies replicate human properties in size, shape and realistic sensor response. The robust construction allows testing under rough conditions at any time.

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Test tools & equipment

Test tools refer to a variety of specialized software and hardware systems that are used in ADAS/AD testing to collect, process, and analyze data.

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